About Us

Bethany Christian School began in 1979 as a pre-school. The church board at that time desired to assist mothers with the care of their children. As the ministry grew, the board increased the grade levels.

We are now a fully-accredited school through ACTS for Pre-K, starting at age 3, through 12th grade.

Our pre-school curriculum is a 12-unit themed program with hands-on activities in a center-based environment.

Bethany Christian School does not discriminate in enrolling or hiring on the basis of race, color, nationality or ethnic group.

Tuition: This is a year-round program! The first of 12 monthly tuition payments is due on the first school day of September. Students enrolling after the school year has begun are charged a daily rate of $32 for each school day until the end of the month, or the monthly tuition charge, whichever is cheaper.

Our Advantages

Christ centered education
Having Christ central to our learning provides children a graced based environment to grow.
Affordable tuition rates
With tuition rates starting at $450 monthly, Bethany Christian School strives to provide the most affordable and highest quality education utilizing the Bob Jones Curriculum.
Low student to teacher ratio
Our pre-k program is currently less than 5 to 1 student to teacher ratio, which gives each student the full attention and love to learn.